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Create your own #WordPress MOBILE Website in 3 steps

Create your own #Wordpress MOBILE Website in 3 steps

Create your own #Wordpress MOBILE Website in 3 steps



Create your own #Wordpress MOBILE Website in 3 steps


We all know that EVERYONE is on their phone, ALL the time. It’s as if the cell phone has some sort of magical hypnotic power because people just can’t seem to tear themselves away. It can sometimes be a bit rude on a personal level but it is what it is. I read that some people take their phones to the restrooms with them. I will neither confirm nor deny that I’ve ever done this and will be exercising my 5th Amendment rights on this topic.



Cell phones, love them or hate them are here to stay. For those that do not like them, I’m sorry there may need to be a little sucking it up in your very near future, sorry to say.  Since it seems that cell phones are here to stay, on a personal level there is not much to prepare for besides iphone current or the new iPhone. Oh sorry, get the feeling I am iPhone biased?  Seriously though, as users we go with iphones or Androids whatever strikes our fancy for the two years of any given mobile contract but for businesses there’s a lot more to get prepared for.



As a business owner myself I realize the importance of having a mobile website. This is primarily because ALL of your potential clients are mobile and if you don’t get to them first your competitors will beat you to it.  Statistics show that desktop usage is on the decline and smart phone usage is on the upswing. THIS means that your traditional website is just not enough.  So it is time to create a mobile website.  ME create my own mobile website, you are say. YES YOU!



YOU can create your own fully functionally mobile website in THREE easy steps.  The AMAZING thing about it, THIS mobile website will be run on WORDPRESS. This is a win-win mobile scenario.


Ok, lets get to work:


  • First: One of the most important and often overlooked things that we can do when we decide to go mobile is to obtain your .mobi domain name. This domain name will be as important to your brand as the .com domain.


  • Second:  Set up a new installation of WordPress using the mobi extension if you’ve purchased it. If not utilize the domain of your choice.


  • Third: Purchase a Mobile WordPress Template that is optimized for mobile web. Upload this template and activate it as you would any other traditional WordPress template.


BAM! You’re done


The GREAT thing about having a mobile website run on WordPress is that EVERY benefit of running this powerful platform is now available for YOUR mobile website.


If you have any questions I am always available by way of our Facebook or Google+ page.  Or if you want to a custom mobile website to match your current website use the form below. 




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