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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Mobile Web –vs- Responsive Web

Mobile Web –vs- Responsive Web

Mobile Web –vs- Responsive Web


Mobile Web –vs- Responsive Web


I am a huge advocated of allowing people the opportunity access to MY web presence on all and any device that they choose. As businesses owners this should be the ultimate goal that is after all good business.  If you place yourself in the path of your customer, the chances that they are exposed to your brand and offer increases and that is Win-Win!


It is funny that not long ago as business owners we just wanted to have a basic web presence. Now we are reaching the point that ONLY having a web presence is not enough. We must have a mobile presence and maybe even a website that is compatible for ipads and tablets. WOW! 


To companies that are not in the tech industry this could very well be extremely overwhelming. There are traditional websites, built on traditional platforms and websites built on CMS platforms such as WordPress.  There are also mobile websites and responsive web. O-M-G.


So, I wanted to make it a bit easier to make some choices when choosing a mobile presence. This will help you to decide if you want to go with a traditional mobile website to compliment a current website OR go with a responsive design website. There is no right choice or wrong choice, only the solution that best fits your needs.


First you need to consider the demographic of the mobile user, which is an important part of making a choice to go with mobile or responsive web. So, when creating your mobile presence keep in mind that may need to consider HOW much content you include on your site. This is the biggest factor in choosing to go with responsive or a traditional mobile website.


If you’d like to create a scaled down version of your current website, you may want to look at creating a mobile website. However if you current website is not to big you may want to create a responsive version of your website to display ALL of your content. Keep in mind that most mobile users like to access quick content by way of mobile device. This is something that you may want to keep in mind with either option.


Take a look at the bullet points below, which points our a few positives to each mobile web option.


Mobile Web:

  • Great for loading a lot of interactive elements, like video, music and image slideshows.
  • If you currently have a website you can create a completely complimentary mobile site to display an abbreviated version of your current website for on the go mobile users.
  • You can focus on ONLY the content that you want mobile users to utilize without displaying your full website. This is perfect for those on the move mobile users that really would rather NOT scan through your entire website.
  • Mobile websites are perfect for mobile campaigns.
  • Content can be streamlined without hiding elements.
  • You can automatically redirect your traditional web users to your mobile site. You would technically have 2 sites but your web visitors would seamlessly move from one to the other.
  • It is a bit more involved to find WordPress templates created exclusively for mobile, but there are a few options available.
  • There is also traditional HTML mobile options available.


Responsive web:

  • WordPress has an abundance of responsive web templates available.
  • There are also responsive options for traditional html websites.
  • Allows you to utilize your current website if originally created with responsive web, to display your website for web, tablet and mobile users.
  • The responsive website is usually a full website but it adjusts its size for traditional web, mobile and tablet.
  • Works well when you need one website that can be utilized across multiple devices.
  • Eliminates the need for two separate websites.


Again, there is no right or wrong choice, individuals and companies must select the best option to fit their needs. The only wrong choice is NOT to create a mobile web presence because more and more people are accessing websites by way of mobile device and or tablet.






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