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About Us


About Us


The WordPress Mobile Templates TEAM of Digital Marketers recognized that businesses and individuals NEED to have mobile websites. NOT any kind of mobile website but mobile websites powered by the exceptional WordPress platform. We recognized the need to offer this service after searching high and low for mobile templates create exclusively for WordPress but finding very few solutions.  Hence the birth of


We are dedicated to providing mobile templates at a reasonable cost that are geared toward the professional or novice that is interested in expanding into this ever growing mobile world.  So we have over sixty mobile WordPress templates to offer and we will be constantly adding more.


Our templates are currently geared toward professional, healthcare, mom bloggers, kids and pets. So if you don’t see a particular template geared toward a certain industry use the contact form below to let us know what kind of template you’d like to see for YOUR mobile. presence.  If you like one of our templates but would like your logo added, use the contact us tab to request a quote.  Also if you’d like a total custom mobile template we can do that as well.